A-Square, Maker of the finest Bolt Action Hunting Rifles; Designer, Manufacturer and Patent-holder of the world-renowned Monolithic Solid Bullet, Dead Tough Soft Point Bullet, and Lion Load Soft Point Bullet (the Triad); and maker of the most accurate and effective factory ammunition, loaded into our own deep draw cartridge cases with our unique A-Square Triad of Bullets.

A-Square Rifles deliver better accuracy and more power, with less recoil, while also being more robust and more reliable, than any other rifle.

A-Square ammunition is more consistent, more accurate, and comes in boxes which are airline approved for carriage on passenger aircraft.

The A-Square Triad of Bullets is a group of three different bullets which have different internal construction for specific performance upon impact with the animal, yet they are ballistically matched so the shooter can interchange without adjusting the sights.







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