A-Square - Rifles

"In dangerous game hunting your rifle should be one that you can entrust your life to because there's a reason they're called dangerous game! Your dangerous game rifle should exhibit flawless function coupled with a stout design that simply equates into a battle ready bolt action. A-Square does that." Jay A. Lesser - Outfitter & Guide for over 25 years.

The acquisition of A-Square Rifles by the Broadsword Group ushers in a new era of modern technology, advanced metallurgy and modern machining techniques to what was already a revered brand of stout, infallible dangerous game rifles while still adhering to the original A-Square motto"A-Square rifles are like none other in the world. Their Design fitness for purpose, quality of materials, and quality of workmanship is unmatched. A-Square rifles deliver more power, have less recoil, shoot with greater accuracy, and are more reliable."

The new A-square Rifles retain all of the features that made the original A-Square rifles the number one choice of many of the top Professional Hunters in Africa as well as the most knowledgeable hunters in the world. Features such as:

Controlled Round Feed - All A-Square rifles are true controlled round feed with a non-rotating claw extractor.

Fort Knox Magazine Box - A-Square magazine boxes are welded from plate steel and dovetailed into the receiver. The Fort Knox Box never gets beat out of shape or misaligned under recoil and it will always feed the next cartridge.

Match Quality Stainless Steel Barrels - The barrels are honed and stress relieved so there is no break in period, less fouling and no change in zero during repeated firing.

Ever Clear Bolt Handle - A-Square bolt handles are longer and specially curved so the shooter's hand never hits the scope.

Positive, Retractor Safety - This safety retracts the firing pin and locks it and the bolt.

Expanded Magazine Capacity - A-Square gives the capacity of a drop-box magazine without the poor handling and feeding problems that often associated with the latter.

Bench-Field Bedding - A-Square's unique bedding process utilizes a special, steel-reinforced, epoxy compound and full-contact methodology. This delivers the accuracy of a bench rifle with the ruggedness of the toughest battle rifle.

Cerakote Coating on all Metal - All parts with the exception of the chamber and bore are Cerakote coated for wear resistance, uniform color and corrosion resistance.

Coil Chek Stock II - An improved version of the original A-Square Coil Chek Stock that still maintains the same recoil reducing characteristics of it's predecessor while enhancing the handling qualities of the rifle and contributing to a steady off-hand hold.

Buffalo Proof Synthetic Stock - With triple wall construction, high density filler and double steel cross-bolts this is arguably the toughest bolt action stock on the planet.

This doesn't mean the A-Square rifle can't be beautiful too!

Optional Walnut Stock - Our wood stocks are also of the Coil Chek Stock II design and are offered in a variety of Walnut types and grades, all are custom balanced and finished with our proprietary stock finishing process to bring out the beauty of the wood while making the stock as weatherproof as possible.

While there are a lot of other beautiful rifles on the market, there is only one A-Square!




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