A-Square - Ammunition

A-Square Ammunition rises high above the rest with matchless reliability, quality workmanship, lethal accuracy, and serious power. Each product we deliver is carefully crafted to provide the performance you care about.​

Patented A-Square Triad of bullets​
Accurate and effective factory ammunition

A-Square Ammunition is loaded with a variety of weights and styles of bullets packaged for trophy hunters. These round-nose bullets are crafted for performance advantage on the target, a superior design that can travel through bush or grass with minimal deflection. Over a wide range of impact velocities, A-Square Ammunition's expansion can be reliably controlled. For shots under 300 yards, when compared to a streamlined spritzer boat tail bullet, our round-nose bullets outperform every time.

A-Square Ammunition is packed in boxes and wallets that can go with you wherever your hunting adventures take you. The packaging is indelibly labeled, color-coded, waterproof and built to last. It's also IATA-approved for carriage on a passenger aircraft in your checked luggage. A-Square is compliant with all airline ammunition requirements under UN Code 0012 and IATA Packing Instruction 132.

Find all A-Square cartridges in the Cartridges of the World, 13th Edition here.


  300 Pegasus

338 Excalibur

358 ST​A

375 H&H

400 DPM

416 Remington

416 Rigby

416 Taylor

458 Winchester​​

458 Lott​​

460 Short A-Square​​

470 Capstick​​

470 Nitro Express

495 A-Square

500 A-Square​​

505 Gibbs

577 Tyrannosaur


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