A-Square - Ammunition - 500 A-Square​​

The A-Square series of cartridges was designed, in 1974 by Col. Arthur Alphin after a hunting incident with Cape buffalo using the .458 Winchester Magnum. Alphin first designed the .500 A-Square to provide maximum stopping power. In order to gain more powder capacity and more power, all original A-Square cartridges were based on the .460 Weatherby case.

The .500 A-Square requires a long magazine (3.77 inches, same as a .416 Rigby and .460 Weatherby). This cartridge delivers high energy and stopping power from a bolt-action rifle. This was Alphin’s first design and is based on the .460 Weatherby cartridge necked up and blown out. Alphin reports that this cartridge is the backbone and main reason for the formation of the A-Square Co. in 1979. In addition to custom rifles made for this caliber, A-Square makes its own rifles so chambered. The .500 A-Square is an excellent choice for a backup rifle and has stopping power about equal to the .577 Nitro Express. Naturally, recoil from this dangerous-game cartridge can be extremely heavy.


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