A-Square - Ammunition - 460 Short A-Square​​​

The A-Square series of cartridges was designed in 1974 by Col. Arthur Alphin in response to a hunting incident involving a Cape buffalo and a hunter equipped with a .458 Winchester Magnum. (Alphin first designed the .500 A-Square, with the purpose of providing maximum stopping power.) In order to gain more powder capacity and more power, all original A-Square cartridges were based upon the .460 Weatherby case.

The .460 A-Square Short provides better ballistics than the .458 Winchester, but with the same length cartridge. It would be an excellent choice for re-chambering a .458 Winchester. Aside from re-chambering, ​​this would require work on the magazine well and feed ramp, as well as opening up the bolt ​​face. This cartridge can easily push a 500-grain bullet at velocities of 2400 fps or more. The .460 Short ​​is an efficient cartridge, as well as a very accurate one.​​


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