A-Square - Ammunition - 458 Winchester​​​​

The .458 Winchester Magnum was introduced, in 1956, for a dressed-up version of the Model 70 rifle called the “African.” The Remington 700 Safari is available in .458, and so are many other American and European-made rifles, such as the A-Square, Dakota 76, BRNO, and the Ruger 77. The .458 has become a world standard, and many factories and individual makers provide hunting arms for it. Ruger also chambers the .458 in its No. 1 single-shot rifle.

It is as powerful as most of the oversized English big-bore elephant cartridges. Although overpowered for North American big game, it has nonetheless found favor with many hunters as a woods and brush cartridge, when reloaded with lighter-than-standard factory bullets. With the 300-, 350-, or 405-grain bullets, it can be loaded to duplicate the .45-70 at any level and to cover a wide

range of game and hunting conditions.


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