A-Square - Ammunition - 458 Lott​​

When a twice-shot African buffalo energetically squashed Jack Lott, dissatisfaction with his .458 Winchester’s performance led to the creation, in 1971, of a more capable .458 cartridge, the .458 Lott. By using a case 2.8 inches long, the .458 Lott was able to achieve 2150 fps with a 500-grain bullet. The genius of the late Lott’s design is that .458 Lott rifles also chambered and fired .458 Winchester Magnum ammo. On the downside, the wildcat .458 Lott was strictly a hand loading and custom rifle proposition. Then, in 2002, Hornady decided to produce factory ammunition, and Ruger chambered its Model 77 MKII in .458 Lott.


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