A-Square - Ammunition - 416 Taylor​

The .416 Taylor was developed by Robert Chatfield-Taylor, in 1972. It is based on the .458 Winchester Magnum case necked-down to .416-caliber. However, it can also be made by necking up .338 Winchester Magnum cases. The late Chatfield-Taylor was a writer and hunter of note, and he used the cartridge in Africa and reported very favorably on it. It was also checked out on Cape buffalo, elephant, and lion by several others with success, including John Wootters. At one time, there were rumors that the cartridge would be commercialized by Remington or Winchester, but it remained for A-Square to do that. The .416 Taylor is ballistically similar to the .416 Rigby and is adequate for the same range of game, including the tough, dangerous, African varieties. It is overpowered for most North American big game, but would be good backup against brown bears.



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