A-Square - Ammunition - 375 H&H​

Originated by the British firm Holland & Holland, in 1912, this is one of the original belted, rimless, magnum-type cartridges. It has been used as the basis for numerous wildcats and most of the Weatherby cartridges. H&H furnished it in a magnum Mauser action, and Griffin & Howe chambered rifles
for it, beginning about 1926. The Western Cartridge Co. first offered it in 1925. At present, Federal, Remington, and Winchester load the .375. The first commercial rifle of American make to chamber the round was the Model 70 Winchester, in 1937. Weatherby rifles were at one time available in .375 H&H,
as was the Remington Model 725 Kodiak. At present, several American manufacturers list the .375H&H as standard including Ruger, Winchester, and Remington.



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