A-Square - Ammunition - 338 Excalibur​

This 1994 chambering is based upon an entirely new case that features a .580-inch head size. The rim is sentially identical to the .378 Weatherby case, but there is no useless belt. Therefore, case capacity is substantially greater for any given cartridge length. This standard rimless bottleneck design also facilitates proper chambering with tight tolerances. Design intent was acceleration of a 200-grain hunting bullet in excess of 3500 fps without exceeding about 62,000 psi (piezo transducer pressureunits)—a typical pressure for modern cartridges. The .338 Excaliber accomplishes this goal.

This cartridge is a superior choice for those who feel they need a flat-shooting cartridge that can deliver substantial energy to medium-sized game targets at long-range. Rifles originally chambered for the .378 and .460 can be re-barreled to accept this cartridge.


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